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Project overview

Resilience Guard GmbH is proud to participate in the Horizon Europe PHASE IV AI project. The PHASE IV AI project aims to unlock the full potential of AI and data analytics in health care focusing on secure and privacy-compliant data utilization.


The PHASE IV AI project "Privacy compliant health data as a service for AI development" is funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement number 101095384 (3 years duration, starting date: 1st October 2023).

Project description

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables data-driven innovations in health care. AI systems, which process vast amounts of data quickly and in detail, show promise both as a tool for preventive health care and clinical decision-making. However, the distributed storage and limited access to health data form a barrier to innovation, as developing trustworthy AI systems requires large datasets for training and validation. Furthermore, the availability of anonymous datasets would increase the adoption of AI-powered tools by supporting health technology assessments and education.

Secure, privacy compliant data utilization is key for unlocking the full potential of AI and data analytics. Companies developing AI solutions would benefit from synthetic microdata for early-stage development, provided on-demand and with privacy guarantees. For researchers and clinicians interested in aggregate data or modelling, multi-party computation allows deriving insights from the distributed real-world data. In this way, providing synthetic data and multi-party computation as a service will boost data-driven innovation without compromising the privacy of data subjects.

PHASE IV AI will advance the current state-of-the-art data synthesis methods towards a more generalized approach of synthetic data generation. PHASE IV AI will develop metrics for testing and validation. Specifically, the developments of PHASE-IV-AI project will be validated in 3 real life use cases in relevant high impact diseases comprising (i) Lung Cancer, (ii) Prostate Cancer, and (iii) Ischemic Stroke. All the three diseases are key topics of the European Health ecosystem. Lung Cancer as well as Prostate Cancer are among the top 3 priorities in tackling cancer, neurodegenerative diseases are one of the most relevant issues with the EU's ageing population.

Project goals

The PHASE IV AI project targets the following Objectives (OBJ):

OBJ1: Improve methods and technical pipelines for privacy-preserving data synthesis including different data formats such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and medical images.

OBJ2: Provide easy to use and configurable data services to enable AI developers' access to larger pools of decentralized de-identified data through multi-party computing.

OBJ3: Provide anonymous data on demand or from a (temporary) repository.

OBJ4: Establish a Data Market – facilitating data sharing and monetization including incentives-based provision of data to the services.

OBJ5: Integrate the data market and the data service ecosystem as a X-European health data hub in the European Health Data Space.

OBJ6: Validate the results with real-world use-cases focusing on high impact diseases, cancer types in particular.

Our input

Resilience Guard GmbH leads Work Package 7 "Interactions with Stakeholders" which is related to the dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities of the project. Specifically, this WP aims to establish a continuous dialogue with relevant stakeholders, to increase general awareness about the secondary uses of health data and European health data space and to exploit PHASE IV AI Health Data Hub including its technical services.

Additionally, Resilience Guard GmbH is responsible for Task 6.5 Stakeholders' Feedback and Evaluation which focuses on collecting and analyzing stakeholders' feedback from all use cases towards evaluating the PHASE IV AI solutions.

Find out more

More detailed information and news regarding the PHASE IV AI project can be found on the project's website:
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