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Business continuity for the transport sector

Companies in the transport sector are governed by strict deadlines to meet client requirements and fulfil their critical role in often complex logistics chains. Transport is the linchpin that underpins supply chains, the lifeblood of all businesses today, whatever the industry sector.

The consequences of transport failure are immense: empty supermarket shelves, hospitals lacking vital supplies and retailers without stock, to name but a few. Failure to deliver (literally) will result in reputational damage, loss of consumer confidence and steep compensation payments for breach of service level agreements.

While transport companies can't eliminate risks altogether, or always prevent disruption, with good business continuity management, transport companies can manage the risks to minimise the negative impact on business operations, financial penalties for failure and reputational damage.

"I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."
- John D Rockefeller

In fact, well prepared transport companies can even capitalise on disruptions and disasters – having robust business continuity procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively when competitors cannot give them a competitive edge.

Transport business continuity expertise

Our consultants can help develop transport business continuity plans to mitigate the risk of potentially disruptive events with transport sector-specific services such as:

  • Air carriers contingency planning
  • Crisis Management team deployment
  • Potentially disruptive incidents affecting railways and tramlines
  • Damage Assessment Teams training and deployment
  • Cargo and passenger transport rerouting
  • Service and spare parts supplier management

Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation.