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Citalid ™
Your time and money matter most
The Citalid platform combines threat and business intelligence to identify the risks scenarios you face and dynamically quantify:

- Your financial exposure to cyber risk
- The best strategy to mitigate it, balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Our ROI-based tool allows you to optimize your budget and focus on your core business, while enhancing your decision-making process through advanced real-time computations, state-of-the-art analytics and strategic dashboards.
A single united cyber-risk management

Master the ins and outs of advanced risk management
Thanks to insight-driven and data-backed probabilities, Citalid offers a clear path forward to build your cyber stack and optimize your cyber investment program. Citalid stands apart by simulating your cybersecurity spendings and their ROI, allowing you to get the best of your arsenal. With Citalid, you shall do more with less.
Key Benefits
  • 360° risk visualization
    Get access to the big picture through both strategic and technical dashboards
  • Tailored risk management posture
    Quantify your risk exposure to better choose your fights and strategies
  • Cyber investments prioritization
    Prioritize your defensive actions towards the most relevant threats
  • Vendor management optimization
    Optimize your portfolio of security solutions & insurance policies by making the right trade-offs
  • Cyber governance normalization
    Embed cyber risk management across the organization
  • Streamlining of security initiatives
    Better coordinate your efforts to strengthen your cyber program
The GPS of cyber risk
Citalid will determine your initial position by comparing your defensive posture with your own threat landscape. All you have to do is decide your target destination depending on your risk appetite and budgets. Our algorithms shall then compute the most efficient and cost-effective investment path to go from your initial position to your destination. Any new traffic jam (e.g. a new relevant threat) on the road, or any change in your position (e.g. the implementation of a new security solution) automatically triggers new simulations and updates your investment path.
  • Know Yourself
    Instantly view your current cyber risk profile per business line and make the right decisions.
  • Know Your Enemy
    Anticipate attack's techniques of threats most likely to target you to make them ineffective
  • Risk Quantification
    Let our advanced mathematical models automatically quantify your financial exposure to cyber risk
  • Invest simulation
    Add or withdraw security solutions & insurance policies to simulate in real-time the impact on your defensive level
Complete visibility over each perimeter
Systemic scope of supervision for unprecedented risk management capabilities
We have designed an action-oriented platform to help your organization thoroughly address the most impacting threats it faces. Get a clear and readable picture of your cybersecurity standing by business unit, location or asset, and the resulting aggregated big picture.
Resilience Guard is the authorised distributor of Citalid for Italy, Greece and Cyprus.

Feel free to Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation.