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Business continuity for the healthcare

If there is any sector of the economy that must recover quickly from a disaster, it is the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers and their staff play a key role in emergency preparedness efforts for all types of events from high profile terrorist attacks and pandemics to the more mundane dog bites, playground fractures and motorway pile-ups.

Disruption to day-to-day operations due to an unplanned event can have potentially serious and far-reaching consequences. These will include interruption of healthcare delivery, harm to patients, employees or the public, along with reputational and financial damage to the healthcare provider concerned.

While many healthcare providers have dedicated time and effort to developing their mitigation, preparedness and response plans, the least planned-for area of crisis management remains the recovery phase. This means although healthcare facilities may do a good job of responding to the immediate disaster, many are unlikely to be able to open their doors the day after the event. Yet, failure to protect critical infrastructure, recover confidential patient records, and guard against potential business interruption scenarios by developing a well-rehearsed business continuity plan will result in loss of revenue, reputation, community trust and potentially loss of life.

Healthcare business continuity expertise

Investing time and resources in business continuity management can help healthcare providers:

  • Maintain uninterrupted services and vital care when the unexpected happens
  • Protect critical data and keep it accessible in the event of a disaster
  • Restore information systems in a secure, remote environment
  • Ensure staff are able to work productively
  • Return to business as usual more quickly

Our highly experienced consultants can help you identify threats to your healthcare operation, develop a bespoke healthcare business continuity plan to mitigate those risks and put your plans to the test with a desktop exercise or full-blown crisis simulation.

Contact us to discuss how we could help your organisation.